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    Products sold at home and abroad:

          Company off-grid photovoltaic products are exported to 29 countries and regions, is China's domestic non-electric area construction and the "National Golden Sun Demonstration Project" one of the major suppliers of photovoltaic power generation system for Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu And other 29 counties more than 68,000 households herdsmen to solve the daily electricity problem, has been the local government and herdsmen highly praised. From 2013 to undertake the six Chinese government external PV assistance project production and construction. Products benefit from Africa, Southeast Asia, six countries, more than 32,000 households without electricity area residents, has been widely praised to improve the reputation of China-made for China's foreign aid diplomacy has made contributions.

          LEMI concept:

          Since 2008, the company has undertaken a number of photovoltaic domestic power generation system projects with special loans from the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank, using the abundant solar resources in Africa to help the local people to improve their lives. Our products fashion appearance, reliable quality, simple and friendly operation and installation methods and improve after-sales service have been the United Nations, the World Bank and the recipient countries of the local government, residents generally praised!

          The company has always been adhering to the concept of sustainable development of energy saving and environmental protection, adhere to the two major development momentum of science and technology and innovation, the company continued access to Yantian District government science and technology research and development of special funds and interest-free loans to support and the city innovation technology upgrade funds to support. The company currently has 16 core patents, in order to make solar energy products more widely into the tens of thousands of households, I Division and several domestic companies to form a strategic alliance to jointly develop the solar energy application market, with a view to the future to achieve better social benefits And environmental benefits.

    LEMI technical value:

    The company is a technology-oriented enterprise, the core R & D team members from the world's top 500, including Emerson, Huawei, SMA, etc., with rich experience in product development, with independent product development, design, production and delivery capabilities, the company focused on technology Innovation creates value for users.